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"I just wanted to thank you for a great, informative presentation. It's people like you who give open source a good name." - Eric Broder, Director, Green Oak Web Design

"Your tutorials on were really helpful, they make it really easy for non-programmers." - Munish Sharma, Western University of Health Sciences

"I've looked at other Drupal training, but have remained loyal to yours. Simply put, it's THE BEST! Your style is both respectful and comprehensive: It gets me through the tougher parts without diluting the content. It's a great value." - Regina Ryder, Food and Nutrition Service (part of the US Department of Agriculture)

"I want to thank you for your job for Your trainings are just perfect and you definitely have a strong talent to train. Keep going on!" - Dmitry Kostygov, Founder,

"I enjoyed the b-roll you took. Also happy you balanced the message -- as we say in the paper, it is easy just to hype the threat." - M. Eric Johnson, Dean of the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

"Tom's become a key 'go-to' guy for us when we need the highest-quality work delivered on time, and he's always a pleasure to work with. I give him my highest recommendation." - Clay Andres, Account Director, Studio B

"Very nice article! I think you did a great job integrating the various perspectives." - Kraig Schulz, Autonomous Tractor Corporation

"I just bought your Drupal Essential Training from and would like to thank you for the great videos. You're a super teacher!" - Zdenek Stepanek, Web developer, Kliker Web Studio

"I just wanted to say thank you for your tutorials. I've been a content/project manager for the past four-plus years and I've always worked with Drupal -- but only recently I have had the opportunity to be on the admin level. It's been such a pleasure getting to know these new privileges through your approachable tutorials." - Sarah Davis

"I just finished your Drupal 7 Essential Training on It was very informative. I also bought your Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide book from Amazon. I'm about half-way through it. I know there is overlap in the information, but I find that watching the videos and reading the book helps it stick. I have a MODX and WP background, so your training really helped me with absorbing Drupal. Thank you." - Anthony Robertson

"Geller has a knack for covering a large volume of information in a condensed space without making the reader feel rushed. He manages to take what could be a technical 'bible' of information and distills it into a practical guide." - J Ayen Green, The Accidental Coder (review of Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide)

"I love your videos. They are so clear and easy to follow, making the most difficult of concepts understandable. Please keep up the great work!" - Leo Singh (Hawai'i)

"Your Drupal courses on really broke a logjam in my understanding of Drupal. I'd read several books but really wasn't getting it. Your pace and explanations were perfect for me." - John Morrow

"Your article is easily the best piece I've read on Bitcoin, and its safe to say I've read a thousand or more. Here's to hoping there's more great stuff coming." - James D'Angelo, Co-Organizer, Bitcoin Meetup group (Cambridge, Massachussetts)

"Drupal 7 Essential Training had me creating sites within hours." - John J. DeCore, M.Ed, PMP; Director, Human Capital Solutions, PowerTrain, Inc.

"As a long time WordPress user, your tutorials are amazing and incredibly helpful to a novice." - Diana Li

"The video is really great! We loved the framing and were clapping in the lab earlier today when we first caught wind of it." - David A. Shamma, Yahoo Labs

"Drupal 7 Essential Training is a game changer for me: I could not have asked for more or better. Anyone learning Drupal should buy this DVD. Just get it." - Alyn Murray

"Your Drupal courses have changed how I work and build sites. Thanks for making the content easy to understand and fun. Keep up the good work." - Sam Cathcart (Switzerland)

"Just wanted to say that so far I am finding your Lynda courses delightful!" - Deborah Weisman

"I wanted to congratulate you on your training videos. I can't remember that I've ever had such a great "kick-start" into an unfamiliar technology." - Frank Cromer

"Your training tutorials were a great primer for learning Drupal." - Gil Cho, KPFA

"I just wanted to say thank you for your easy-on-the-ears video's on about Drupal. I watched them a over year ago and am now making a lot of Drupal sites, and am also passing on my knowledge to my classroom and employees. Today I was wondering, how did I get here? And I remembered, it was you and your damn videos. :-)" - Fabien Schiettecatte, AWebHaus

"Thank you for an excellent, easy-to-follow course. You give out the feeling of ease in a somewhat difficult subject." - Gregory West, Alternate Cloud

"I sense your sincerity and desire to actually give of your knowledge. Your desire to help others is a very worthy character trait (a gift actually!). It's appreciated by many." - Shawn Wilson, Fishing's Future

"I hereby knight you the Mister Rogers of Drupal! You calmly accept all newbies and give awesomely clear instructions. I can't believe how much I've learned from your videos!" - Karen Fredericks, Fredrix Illustration

"Tom provided strategic advice along with professionally crafted text, giving me more than I expected -- but exactly what I needed." - Janet Attard, Founder,

"A HUGE thank you for your training products. I've followed a couple of your courses and have found your talent in explaining new concepts with such clarity a huge help — I've managed to save many weeks (perhaps months) of my life!" - Matthew McLeod

"I LOVE your teaching style!!!" - Gia Preston, Sprint

"I watched your Drupal 7 Essential Training and fell in love with Drupal. Now I want to take Drupal seriously and find it as my feature career. I just want to thank you for your awesome tutorial at" - Sina Ahmadpour, KLO Design Studio

"Just a shout out to say I enjoyed your tutorials on Drupal 7 on You were very informative and you helped me get a grasp on a very steep learning curve for Drupal." - Dennis Triplett

"Tom is creative, reliable and well organized. He turned out an excellent manuscript in a very short period of time, met all the publisher's demands, and did it with good humor." - Neil J. Salkind, Agent, Salkind Agency

"One of the big mysteries of Drupal is how to adapt themes to your needs. Your section on theming was great: Short and to the point, it got me started." - Don Varney, State of Vermont

"Tom combines the ability to describe technical matters clearly with a gift for finding just the right phrase to highlight a product's advantage or intriguing quality. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Tom in the coming months!" - David Gleason, Content Manager, Apple

"I love your videos! You've got 'good voice' which makes listening to them more enjoyable, and you do a fantastic job taking folks through the process of setting up a Drupal site. I'm confident I'll be a major Drupal fan after the training." - Jon Whitbeck, Jon Whitbeck Digital Design

"Drupal was a complete mystery to me before I watched your Lynda courses. Everything I know about Drupal was gained through watching your courses, which enabled me to build several Drupal websites." - Neil Padgett

"Finding knowledgeable, evenhanded writers is hard enough. But finding one whose writing is as clean, precise, on-time, and well-crafted as Tom's is almost unheard of. A keeper!" - Rik Myslewski, Media Producer, MacLife

"Tom is easy to work with, writes clearly, and accepts editing well." - Bill Burnett, Real Estate Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

"I was just a plain-old PHP, JS, HTML designer-developer, until I was introduced to Drupal 7 from your videos. They got me up and running quickly, and so I thank you for that!" - Geoff Bonina, Ohio State University

"Tom, I sent the video [about my work] around to my colleagues, and they all agree that it was extremely well-done. Very professional, making the point without over-hyping, and with informative content." - Saket Navlakha, Salk Institute

"I love your videos. Your voice is very pleasant and you explain everything precisely. I am mostly a self-learner because I often find that courses too slow for me, but yours are just perfect!" - Paul Godard - Soul Photography

"You are by far the best Drupal trainer I have had the pleasure of learning from." - Carla Briceno, Bixal

"I learned Drupal with your course on, got so excited that I told my boss that in six months I would quit my job and become self-employed building web sites with Drupal. And here I am!" - Kari Kääriäinen,

"I've had a look at the article and it's terrific! You got into exactly the kinds of things I wanted to know about... Excellent investigative reporting!" - Mike Potel, Associate Editor in Chief, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

"Tom, your style is perfect. You explain things concisely and perfectly, and I never get bored watching anything you create." - Frank W. Leone,

"I've been working through your Drupal videos on Lynda, and just wanted to take a second to say they're great! Most learning/tutorial videos I watch get annoying pretty quickly, but yours have made learning Drupal a lot easier and exciting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!" - Christine Savadel, Pennsylvania State University

"The article looks great. I think it's the best I've read on the subject so far." - Stephen Regelous, Founder and CTO, Massive Software

"I've enjoyed your lectures/lessons on You have a great delivery style as well as very interesting background! Thanks for the help, coach!" - Susan Nitka,

"Your courses really make learning Drupal a joy!" - Matthew Hartman

"I loved your Freelancing Fundamentals course. It gave me exactly the information I was seeking to move forward if this is the path I decide to take." - Nan Frost, Sales Specialist - Library Research and Digital Solutions

"A quick note of thanks for your videos, especially for the point about putting aside time for doing stuff not related to work. Great reminder. Thanks again." - David Williams, Comfe Designs

"Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the world of writers through LinkedIn Learning. I must say, it inspired me to keep writing." - KPMG Bangladesh

"Learning Drupal has been a big learning curve, and I've been able to fast track it through your Lynda tutorials. Your advice was terrific - all worked and saved me a shed load of time and ulcers." - Michael Walker, Grafico Topico

"I have watched your videos on as my bible -- you are an excellent trainer." - Michele Petry,

"I can't say enough how impressed I am with your and the other tutorials that I have watched. I am a former math teacher, so I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to teaching techniques. I have recommended the course to others in our company who are using it too." - Nan Rivers, CJIS GROUP LLC

"We've had positive feedback about your article, and they only made a couple of very minor changes. Good job!" - Juliann Feuerbacher, Project Manager, Studio B

"I learned Drupal entirely from your videos. Last week I got my first contract role as a Drupal developer and it's great. I'm working for a bunch of highly intelligent guys, yet even they have been blown away with what I've been able to do in such a short time with Drupal and what you taught me. Seriously, mate, thank you. I think the fact that your videos are so easy to watch and enjoy made a huge difference." - Dave Bishop, Drupal developer and Filmmaker ("I Am Bish")

"I saw the video you set up [of my work], and it is really great! All the people who saw it found it particularly pedagogical in explaining the reasons why we need such [programming] languages." - Benoît Valiron, CentraleSupélec

"Tom Geller is a wonderfully natural and informative presenter." - Shawn Bolan, Director of Product Management, MyWire

"I'm relieved the site was launched within my 1-month self-imposed deadline. Meeting that deadline is a testament to your [Drupal] teaching skills." - Rachel Boehm,

"I am totally addicted to learning more about Drupal thanks to your videos!" - Maria Mercedes Martinez,

"Your articles were well crafted and researched, and written in a way that targets our audience well. I'd be happy to contract you for future assignments." - Jessica Swesey, Editorial & Content Director, Inman News

"Watching your course on Lynda, "Writing Articles" -- amazing. Thank you!" - Ivan Melnikov,

"I watched the entire Commerce video on and thought it was stupendous. What an incredible contribution to the Drupal Commerce community. You nailed it. I wish everybody would watch that. Should be a prerequisite. I've been promoting it every way I know how." - Randy Fay, Director of Product Development at Commerce Guys (creators of Drupal Commerce)

"Your videos are the main source of my Drupal education and they are well presented, informative, and example-filled to allow me to get content out and new sites built very quickly. Thank you for all of your work and I look forward to more videos as Drupal continues to develop." - Dan Stay,