Refunds and returns

We provide refunds and returns only in cases of physically defective merchandise purchased directly from us and returned within 30 days of product purchase. (If you bought the product from another company for which we act as an affiliate salesperson, please see the refund and return policy for that company.)

For such items, return the product, postage prepaid, to Geller Guides, 55 South Main Street #109, Oberlin, OH 44074. Let us know whether you'd rather receive a replacement item or a refund from which 25 percent of the original retail value will be deducted for restocking and handling.

Include a letter detailing:

  1. your reason for the return,
  2. whether you would like a replacement or refund,
  3. how you would like to receive your refund (if any), and
  4. a phone number and physical address where you can be reached.

Please allow four weeks for processing.